Amanda Nunes destroys Ronda Rousey

It was a brutal end to Ronda Rousey’s career. With all the hype following her beatdowns of opponents, we had some fools discussing whether she could beat Floyd Mayweather. Now we see that Rousey doesn’t have much of a chin, and she’s pretty terrible if her opponent stays on her feet and makes her box.

Amanda Nunes destroyed Ronda Rousey in less than one round by teeing off on her face. Holly Holm beat Rousey with her boxing, and Nunes took that formula and used it for a brutal victory.

I guess we can all assume Rousey will be sticking to Hollywood and acting going forward.


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Rise of UFC

This video offers an interesting perspective on the rise of UFC as a business. Lorenzo Fertitta is the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he and his brother Frank along with their friend Dana White bought the once failing brand for just $2 million. Fertitta explains how he and his team turned the business around and created the amazing UFC brand.


Kimbo Slice dies at age 42

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Dana White addresses possible Mayweather-McGregor fight

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