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Vicious chin music!!

What a kick in the head lol . . .


How an MMA Fighter Should Eat


If you are a MMA than you should be focusing on a lot of protein. How can you get the protein you need at the best price and selection? Have you ever thought about hunting your own meat? You are already a fighter so why not hunt too? Did you know that hunting for your own meat can be more cost efficient than shopping at the grocery store? Not only is it cheaper to hunt meant versus shop for it but you can also get a better quality as well as knowing that your meat is fresh. There is nothing quite like a decent piece of meat that you can sink your teeth into. According to this article, cattle go through a lot of stress during the slaughtering process. The stress releases chemicals which end up in their bloodstream. Those chemicals than wind up in the meat which you eat. Wild meat such as deer meat is more natural, organic and tastier than meat from the grocery store. In another article, it explains that, on average, a buck will produce about fifty-three pounds of meat after processing. At about two dollars per pound you are saving $106 on your meat purchases.

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Conor McGregor runs out of steam in 10th vs Mayweather

The battle between MMA darling Conor McGregor and 40-year-old boxing icon Floyd Mayweather ended as many expected, with Conor succumbing to the grueling demands of boxing which requires much more stamina than standard MMA fights.

Still, Conor started out strong, and gave hope to the many bettors who bet the underdog. This probably made many in Vegas sportsbooks nervous as a McGregor win would have been a disaster, but reality set in the Floyd started to engage more with every round.

As good as Conor looked early, Floyd looked a little older and slower than expected. But as the fight wore on, it became clear that Mayweather spent the early rounds sizing up Conor, and then settled on a strategy to take the fight to the MMA guy with relentless pressure. The punches added up and sped up Conor’s journey to exhaustion, which left him fighting with little left other than his heart by the 10th round.

Is anyone surprised? They shouldn’t be. McGregor is lethal as an MMA fighter, but when you restrict him to boxing rules with a boxing champion, he really has no chance, even with Floyd slowing down a bit. Put Conor in the ring with a 29-year-old title contender, and he gets his clocked cleaned.

Likewise, most boxers would likely get slaughtered in an MMA octagon. They’re different sports.

Still, both men put on a decent show last night, and made a killing in the process . . .


Amanda Nunes destroys Ronda Rousey

It was a brutal end to Ronda Rousey’s career. With all the hype following her beatdowns of opponents, we had some fools discussing whether she could beat Floyd Mayweather. Now we see that Rousey doesn’t have much of a chin, and she’s pretty terrible if her opponent stays on her feet and makes her box.

Amanda Nunes destroyed Ronda Rousey in less than one round by teeing off on her face. Holly Holm beat Rousey with her boxing, and Nunes took that formula and used it for a brutal victory.

I guess we can all assume Rousey will be sticking to Hollywood and acting going forward.


Anastasia Yankova shares post-fight pics

Want to be an MMA fighter? Check out this photo of Bellator fighter Anastasia Yankova.