Top 5 Moments in Randy Couture’s Storied Career

nullIs 47 the lucky number for “The Natural” Randy Couture?

The two-time former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion seems to be sticking to the idea that his bout with Lyoto Machida at UFC 129 will be his last. (ESPN)

With that in mind here are (in my opinion) the top five moments in the 47-year-old’s historic career.

1. Out of retirement, back with the gold – Couture had retired following a loss to Chuck Liddell at UFC 57 in February of 2006, but quickly got the itch to fight once again. This time, Couture came back at heavyweight to challenge then-champion Tim Sylvia. At UFC 68, The Natural returned and dominated Sylvia from the opening bell. Couture landed a big right hand that sent Sylvia crashing and then followed up with numerous takedowns over the 25 minutes to get the win and become a two-time UFC heavyweight champion.

2. Whipping Tito’s butt – Couture had just been crowned UFC Interim Light Heavyweight Champion after beating Chuck Liddell at UFC 43, which set up a unification bout with champion Tito Ortiz. Ortiz had been riding six-fight win streak that lasted for four years and was largely considered the favorite against the then-40 Couture. From the opening bell, Couture out-muscled Ortiz and scored takedown after takedown as Ortiz offered little offense. In the fifth and final round, Couture found himself over the top of Ortiz’ rear end and to sum up the night, patted him on the butt a few times, to drive home the point that he just dominated the loudmouth champion for 25 minutes.

3. Lights out for Toney – While Couture’s win over James Toney at UFC 118 back in August won’t be considered a win over a great opponent, it was a big win for the MMA world. The trash-talking boxer harassed UFC President Dana White for months until White caved and gave him a fight in the octagon. Couture quickly stepped to the plate to defend his sport and once the fight happened, it didn’t take Couture long to win. He landed a single-leg takedown on Toney and punished him with some ground and pound before securing a head-and-arm choke to force the boxer to tap.

4. Don’t vote for Pedro – At UFC 31, Couture took on Pedro Rizzo in defense of his UFC heavyweight title. Couture felt the organization wanted Rizzo to emerge victorious, but Couture had another idea. After sustaining a great deal of punishment from leg kicks, Couture persevered and grinded out a decision win after five rounds. While some thought Rizzo won, an immediate rematch was set up for UFC 34, but Couture won the rematch, stopping Rizzo in the third round with strikes.

5. Cooling off the Ice Man – Following a pair of heavyweight title losses to Ricco Rodriguez and Josh Barnett, Couture made the jump down to light heavyweight to face Chuck Liddell at UFC 43 for the Interim Light Heavyweight title. Liddell was the heavy favorite coming in, but Couture out-struck the striker, using good head movement and quick jabs to throw Liddell off his game. Couture mixed in a pair of takedowns and finished Liddell in the third round with ground and pound. The win rejuvenated Couture’s career and led to many more great victories.

Will Couture be able to go out in a blaze of glory and add a win over Machida to his legendary career? We will find out in a few weeks. Either way, Couture has provided fight fans with many great memories.


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