Despite poor showing, St. Pierre still one of the best in MMA

nullLet me start by once again stating that I am a Georges St. Pierre fan (pictured, AP Photo).

I know this article may come off as fandom, but I am merely sticking up for a great fighter.

While I will even admit that St. Pierre’s performance at UFC 129 was anything but impressive against Jake Shields, I don’t think that the long-reigning UFC Welterweight Champion deserves to be as criticized as he has been.

Finishing fights is a big aspect of MMA and a big part of the reason why fans love fighters like Anderson Silva. However, everyone has their flaws or even their bad fights.

I would compare GSP’s performance on Saturday night to the likes of Silva’s performances against Demian Maia or Thales Leites.

Clearly St. Pierre was the better fighter on Saturday, but he didn’t go for the kill when it was there. And after his eye was damaged, he balled up into somewhat of a shell.

But, I don’t think that his performance at UFC 129 was typical of his other performances.

Just for the record, Jake Shields has only been finished once in 32 career fights.

In GSP’s UFC 124 bout with Josh Koscheck, he broke Koscheck’s orbital bone and absolutely picked him apart for 25 minutes. He tried to land the big punch and score the knockout, but it didn’t happen. Just for the record, Koscheck has been stopped twice in 20 fights.

Dating back to UFC 111, GSP beat Dan Hardy by decision. While GSP could score takedowns at will against Hardy, he didn’t finish. But, he did have two very tough submissions on Hardy and the Brit wouldn’t tap. In 31 fights, Hardy has been stopped four times.

Add Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch to the list of fighters that St. Pierre has beaten by decision. But, once again, he did so in dominant fashion. In the case of Fitch, the fact that he survived the 25 minutes was more of a testament of his will that the lack of ability from GSP.

Let’s not forget that St. Pierre is just one of two fighters to have stopped B.J. Penn.

Could St. Pierre use a finish? Absolutely.

Did he look bad on Saturday? I think that is a fair statement.

Is he still one of the top two pound-for-pound fighters in the world? Yes.

I don’t think Saturday should change his ability to get a fight with Anderson Silva as he still has cleaned out his division.

There are some murmurs about a fight with Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz, but I think that would be a fight where GSP would easily score takedown after takedown and ground and pound Diaz for 25 minutes.

The same people that are critical of GSP today are probably the same that were critical of Lyoto Machida in the past. But, I bet those same people are raving about Machida’s knockout of Randy Couture today.

Dominance is still dominance and greatness is still greatness. St. Pierre is still one of the greatest in MMA history.


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