UFC 129 Recap: St. Pierre underwhelms in victory

AP ImageGeorges St. Pierre (AP Photograph) successfully defended his UFC Welterweight Championship once again on Saturday, beating Jake Shields by unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 129.

However, despite the win, St. Pierre was less than impressive in his victory.

St. Pierre managed to keep the fighting standing for 25 minutes, even avoiding takedowns while on one leg, but St. Pierre never had Shields in any real danger of finishing the fight.

GSP used his jab and overhand right hand to easily control the first two rounds and used a head kick in round three to drop Shields. Late in the third round, Shields bum rushed GSP for a takedown and got a finger in the eye of St. Pierre that caused him to have blurred vision. Shields then followed with a few jabs that made GSP’s vision event worse.

The concerns over his eye kept St. Pierre from really attacking over the last 10 minutes and two judges awarded Shields the final two rounds of the fight.

Nonetheless, it was a unanimous decision win for St. Pierre, who has defended his title six times successfully and improves to 22-2 in his career. The question now will be whether he will still fight at welterweight, or move up to middleweight.

In the co-main event, Jose Aldo also had somewhat of a disappointing performance as he finishes flat, but still earned a decision win over Mark Hominick to successfully defend the UFC Featherweight Championship.

Aldo, now 19-1, opened up with his devastating leg kicks and powerful hands, which allowed him to control Hominick early. Hominick suffered cuts under both eyes and also developed a large hematoma on his forehead in the later rounds, but fought through it all.

In the final round, it was all Hominick, as he got Aldo to the ground and landed numerous punches, but didn’t have enough to finish the fight, which gave Aldo the decision win.

In other action, Randy Couture ended his Hall of Fame career on a sad note, as Lyoto Machida landed a front switch kick to the face of Couture that knocked out the 47-year-old early in the second round.

Couture struggled to close the distance with Machida, while the Brazilian landed a number of big strikes before hitting Couture with the KO front kick that knocked out one of Couture’s teeth.


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