MMA Top 10 Pound-For-Pound Rankings

nullWell, I have released all of my rankings for each weight class, so now I work my way back to my pound-for-pound list.

There hasn’t been an overwhelming amount of action in the UFC in the two months since I first released this list, but here is a look at the latest rankings.

1. Anderson Silva (28-4): Silva hasn’t competed since last February against Vitor Belfort, but he does have a fight that is getting closer and closer. Silva will face Yushin Okami at UFC 134 in August, looking to avenge a DQ loss to Okami back in 2006. Silva still has been the most impressive champion the UFC has ever had, despite a few lackluster performances. His knockout wins are legendary and his KO of Belfort was one of the greatest front kicks ever seen in MMA.

2. Georges St. Pierre (22-2): St. Pierre successfully defended his UFC Welterweight Championship against Jake Shields back at UFC 129 on April 30. It was another decision win for GSP, making it four straight, but a win nonetheless. St. Pierre suffered an eye injury during the bout, which hampered him in the final few rounds. Still, GSP is dealing with a lot of criticism following the bout and is now likely to face Strikeforce champion, Nick Diaz, as opposed to moving up to middleweight to face Silva.

3. Jose Aldo (19-1): Aldo also defended his UFC Featherweight Championship at UFC 129, beating Mark Hominick by decision. Aldo looked very beatable in the fifth and final round, as he was taken down and pounded on by a bloody Hominick in the final five minutes, but he still managed to do enough prior to that to earn a win. Aldo was originally expected to face Chad Mendes at UFC 133 in a title defense, but a medical suspension will keep Aldo from fighting until the fall of 2011.

4. Jon Jones (13-1): Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and now awaiting a new opponent after his schedule bout with Rashad Evans fell through when Jones claimed to be having surgery. Now, Jones will avoid the surgery and likely face Quinton “Rampage” Jackson if Jackson wins at UFC 130. If Jackson loses, Lyoto Machida may be next in line. Evans will now take on rising star, Phil Davis, in the main event of UFC 133.

5. Cain Velasquez (9-0): The UFC Heavyweight Champion hasn’t been in action since winning the title but is schedule to return before the end of 2011 to face the winner of the main event of UFC 131, which is Shane Carwin taking on Junior dos Santos. Velasquez has shown all the skills worthy of being No. 5 on my list as his wrestling is second to none and his striking is getting better and better.

6. Frankie Edgar (13-1-1): Edgar was originally schedule to face Gray Maynard for the third time at UFC 130, but a lingering back and neck injury kept him from being able to compete. Now, the two will have to settle their score later in 2011. A neck injury could be serious for the UFC Lightweight Champion and put his career in danger. Hopefully it won’t hamper his abilities and allow him to continue to display with athletic style that has allowed him to capture the top spot in the world lightweight rankings.

7. Dominick Cruz (17-1): Cruz is anxiously awaiting to avenge his only loss at UFC 132, when he gets his rematch with Urijah Faber for his UFC Bantamweight Championship. Cruz lost to Faber a few years back at 145 pounds but has since evolved into a very tough fighter with tremendous foot work and wrestling. Faber is still considered one of the biggest stars in MMA, especially for the smaller weight classes, but Cruz can take that spot away with an impressive win at UFC 132.

8. Rashad Evans (15-1-1): Evans doesn’t seem to have much luck. The No. 1 contender to the UFC Light Heavyweight Title has seen that title opportunity slip from his hands due to an injury to himself and an injury to his opponent over the first half of 2011. Now, Evans will face Phil Davis in a seemingly no-win situation. Evans will be expected to beat the inexperienced Davis, but he can’t possibly climb any higher up the contender ladder with a victory.

9. Jon Fitch (23-3-1): Fitch moves up to No. 9 as my previous No. 8, Jake Shields, falls back after a shaky loss at UFC 129. It wasn’t that Shields was terrible, but his game plan was and his striking is still light years behind many of the top fighters in the division. For Fitch, a shoulder injury has him on the shelf until late 2011, but he needs a marquee fight and an impressive performance to stay amongst the top of the food chain at 170 pounds. A fight with Shields or Penn would make sense.

10. Gray Maynard (10-0-1): There is a point in your career when you are undefeated that you have earned my respect. I wasn’t a big fan of Maynard early as he seemed to be all wrestling. Lately, he has shown better striking and his punches are what nearly won him the lightweight title back at UFC 125. Now, after nursing a minor knee injury, Maynard will get his chance to finally claim the title in the near future. Maynard has been a problem for everyone he has faced and will certainly be tough for Edgar to beat when they meet again.


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