White “disgusted” with what Marquardt did to get fired

nullWell, we still don’t know what happened.

Darn Pennsylvania privacy laws.

Dana White appeared on the UFC Live 4 preshow to address the Nate Marquardt firing issues.

White wasn’t able to go into detail about just what happened with Marquardt but did say “I’m disgusted with him” and “He has no business in the UFC”.

According to the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission, Marquardt knew six weeks prior to the fight that he would not be granted a license due to a medical issue. Marquardt had time to clear it up, but could not.

The Athletic Commissioner of Pennsylvania, Greg Sirb, said that Marquardt has to step up and admit what he did wrong because he can not say just what happened. He also implied that he is not into “publically embarrassing people.”

White added “I am all about giving people second chances and Nate is one of those people and for him to not fight for the UFC anymore, it’s bad.”

Marquardt has stated in a press release that he will clear up his side of the situation on Tuesday.

So, looks like we still have some questions left unanswered until Marquardt is willing to answer the bell.

But, don’t look for Nate Marquardt to be stepping into the octagon anytime soon.


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