Nate Marquardt signs with BAMMA

nullThe biggest name in MMA for the better part of a month has been Nate Marquardt, but it hasn’t been for a positive reason.

The former UFC middleweight lost his job with the Zuffa promotion after failing a pre-fight physical for high testosterone levels and has since been working to clear his name due to his usage of hormone replacement therapy.

Well, it appears that Marquardt has found his new home.

According to, Marquardt has signed on to fight with BAMMA.

Former UFC middleweight number one contender Nate Marquardt has signed to compete under the banner of The British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA).

Why did he choose BAMMA?

“Offers came in from several fight promotions, but we felt that BAMMA was definitely the best fit,” Marquardt said in today’s release. “They put on high-quality shows, stack their cards with top-level fighters, and sign those fighters to multi-fight deals. They are also the only fight organization in the UK that implements PED testing. To be honest, that is one of the main reasons that we chose BAMMA. I want to prove to my fans and to the world that I’m the real deal and that I belong on top.”

Marquardt’s first fight and opponent have not been announced, but he has stated that he plans on staying at welterweight.

Dana White stands firm, Marquardt done with the UFC

nullI guess it wasn’t an emotional reaction from Dana White after all.

Just minutes after Nate Marquardt was declared unable to compete at UFC Live 4, White stated that Marquardt was done with the UFC.

Now, despite Marquardt’s tearful apology and a hoard of Twitter followers trying to influence White to rethink his decision, the UFC President stood firm about his choice during the UFC 132 Pre-Fight Press Conference on Thursday. Here is what White told

“Nate’s done,” said White. “I’m done with Nate. Listen, Nate’s a really nice guy. He’s a really sweet, nice, humble guy, but the facts are the facts and it is what it is. It’s easier to go after a guy like Josh Barnett. He’s just callous and rude and he’s a d–k. So when he does it it’s easier to just go, you know what, f–k Josh Barnett. The difference is, Nate’s such a sweet, nice guy, but the same results.”

“The difference with Chael and Marquardt, is we can talk about everything in the Chael incident. We can’t with Marquardt. I’ve seen some of the stuff people are saying. You think I’m this crazy, emotional psycho. Give me a break. This isn’t the first time. Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, give him a second chance.’ This would be like the fourth time.”

“He tested positive before, then apparently he was on suspension with New Jersey, because his levels were high, then he comes into [Pittsburgh] and he doesn’t pass his medicals. Now you tell me: is that the fourth chance? Or is that a second chance? Sounds like a fourth chance to me.”

It appears that Marquardt’s run with the UFC is indeed over and he probably only has himself to blame. Hopefully he still is able to land on his feet in some capacity.

NSAC’s Keith Kizer explains Testosterone Replacement Treatment and its role in MMA

The Nate Marquardt-testosterone replacement treatment story is something that has become a hot-button issue in today’s MMA.

It was first brought to light this past fall with Chael Sonnen and now has become the reason Nate Marquardt couldn’t compete at UFC Live 4 last Sunday and subsequently was fired by Dana White and the UFC.

Nevada State Athletic Comission’s Executive Director, Keith Kizer, spoke to Tapout about TRT and how it can be properly done and why it is important in MMA.

Cleary the athletic commissions feels that TRT is an acceptable thing for fighters that need it, but the rules still seem a little lenient.

Marquardt says high testosterone level is what caused failed test, going through hormone replacement therapy

nullNate Marquardt went all Chael Sonnen on us.

During Tuesday’s edition of the MMA Hour, Nate Marquardt appeared live in studio with his manager Lex McMahon as they spoke to Ariel Helwani to address his firing from the UFC for a failed medical exam prior to his UFC Live 4 bout with Rick Story.

According to Marquardt, he has been battling low testosterone levels since August of 2010 and began hormone replacement therapy under the advisement of his doctor.

Marquardt had been altering his therapy sessions in terms of frequency and intensity and that caused his testosterone levels to alter.

Three weeks prior to the fight, Marquardt discovered that his testosterone levels were too high to get licensed for the fight. He stopped doing the therapy sessions, but they didn’t bring his levels back to an acceptable level by the time the medical exam took place on Saturday.

The Pennsylvania Athletic Commission suspended Marquardt indefinitely for the failed test, but Marquardt stated that his testosterone levels are now at an acceptable level and he is in the process of getting his license back.

Marquardt also indicated that the hormone therapy was an issue for his UFC 128 bout with Dan Miller, but he still tested at an acceptable level prior to the bout, so he was cleared to fight.

Marquardt says that he used to take andro over the counter until 2005, which he thinks may have led to his low testosterone levels.

Still, Marquardt was fired from the UFC for the failed test on Saturday. Now, remember that Chael Sonnen was caught with high testosterone levels following his bout with Anderson Silva last year and he has not fought again since, but he was never fired by the UFC.

Should the UFC give Marquardt another chance? Did Marquardt tell the whole story?

I am sure we have not heard the last of this.

UFC Live 4 Results & Recap: Brenneman upsets Story

nullNate Marquardt’s loss proved to be Charlie Brenneman’s gain.

“The Spaniard” had a crazy week in his own right, and it ended with him picking up a unanimous win over Rick Story in the co-main event of UFC Live 4 on Sunday night. It also all went down in his home town of Pittsburgh.

Originally scheduled to face T.J. Grant, Brenneman was told he wouldn’t have a fight early in the week after Grant came down with an illness.

Dana White and the UFC told Brenneman to make weight for Saturday and he would earn a winner’s payday. Somehow, that turned out to be a blessing for both parties as Nate Marquardt failed to get a license for his main event bout. Just 24 hours before UFC Live 4 took place, Brenneman was offered to fill in for Marquardt, and he accepted.

What happened in the octagon was Brenneman using his wrestling to keep Story on the ground for two rounds. Story won the third, but was unable to finish the scrappy Brenneman, who improves to 3-1 in the UFC with the win.

It was a tough spot for Story, who was looking to earn the biggest win in his MMA career and then had to take on a fight against an opponent he hadn’t trained for. To me, Story shouldn’t drop in the rankings, as he originally took the fight with Marquardt on short notice to raise his profile. Read the rest of this entry »

White “disgusted” with what Marquardt did to get fired

nullWell, we still don’t know what happened.

Darn Pennsylvania privacy laws.

Dana White appeared on the UFC Live 4 preshow to address the Nate Marquardt firing issues.

White wasn’t able to go into detail about just what happened with Marquardt but did say “I’m disgusted with him” and “He has no business in the UFC”.

According to the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission, Marquardt knew six weeks prior to the fight that he would not be granted a license due to a medical issue. Marquardt had time to clear it up, but could not.

The Athletic Commissioner of Pennsylvania, Greg Sirb, said that Marquardt has to step up and admit what he did wrong because he can not say just what happened. He also implied that he is not into “publically embarrassing people.”

White added “I am all about giving people second chances and Nate is one of those people and for him to not fight for the UFC anymore, it’s bad.”

Marquardt has stated in a press release that he will clear up his side of the situation on Tuesday.

So, looks like we still have some questions left unanswered until Marquardt is willing to answer the bell.

But, don’t look for Nate Marquardt to be stepping into the octagon anytime soon.

Nate Marquardt’s weight cutting video

NBC Sports posted the following video on Nate Marquardt cutting weight for what was supposed to be his UFC welterweight debut on Sunday night.

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

Nothing seems wrong in this. His weight seems to be on point. The Pennsylvania Athletic Commission will be having a press conference at 4 p.m. ET to talk about the situation. It should be interesting to see what develops.

Nate Marquardt: What the H*** Happened?

What a difference a day makes!

Just yesterday I was analyzing the UFC Live 4 card, really excited for a solid free TV event by the UFC. My excitement was largely due to a big-time main event between Nate Marquardt and Rick Story.

Then, today happened.

First, word came that Marquardt didn’t pass his pre-fight physical and was out of the fight.

Then, Dana White dropped this little bomb:

Neither White or Marquardt’s camp are commenting on the firing. I mean, what could have happened to get him fired entirely?

Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking: Nate Marquardt fails physical, no longer with the UFC

nullIn a big blow to the UFC Live 4 card, headliner Nate Marquardt will not be able to compete against Rick Story on Sunday after failing the pre-fight physical.

Following the failed physical, UFC President posted this, stating Marquardt will no longer be with the UFC was the first to report on the matter ( has learned that Marquardt is a late scratch from Sunday’s UFC on Versus 4 event, and opponent Rick Story (13-3 MMA, 6-1 UFC) will now instead meet Charlie Brenneman (12-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC) on the evening’s main card.

With the late change, a highly-anticipated heavyweight bout between Pat Barry (6-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC) and Cheick Kongo (15-6-2 MMA, 8-4-1 UFC) has now been promoted to main-event status.

The reason for Marquardt’s last-minute withdrawal, mere hours before he was scheduled to hit the scales at the event’s official weigh-ins, wasn’t immediately evident. However, Marquardt’s camp did release a statement insisting the setback was temporary and his future still lies at 170 pounds.

“Nate is really disappointed,” the statement read. “He really was looking forward to making his welterweight debut, and he plans to be back in there as soon as possible.”

Brenneman is the replacement, but that probably won’t suit Story, who took this fight on short notice for a chance to really thrust himself into the title picture. This fight seems like a lose-lose situation for Story.

For Marquardt, it is hard to know what will happen next, but clearly there is still more to this story.

UFC Live 4 Odds: Story Favored To Beat Marquardt

nullThe odds for UFC Live 4 have been released, courtesy of, and there are some interesting betting lines for the event.

In the main event, Rick Story is actually favored at -130 against Nate Marquardt, who is making his welterweight debut with a money line of +100.

Story is on a nice run, but Marquardt seems to have the better package to me. Marquardt may not be getting the respect due to his past struggles with wrestlers, but Story doesn’t have the same size that Marquardt had to deal with when he fought the likes of Chael Sonnen and Yushin Okami.

In the co-main event, Cheick Kongo is favored to beat Pat Barry as Kongo has a line of -205 while Barry has odds of +165.

Kongo has the experience factor on Barry, who has still not quite lived up to his potential. Barry has really been drilling his ground game, which will be key in this contest.

For complete odds for each of Sunday’s fights, check out the jump.

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