Aldo dealt with infection week of UFC 129

nullSomething didn’t look right with Jose Aldo in his final round of his bout with Mark Hominick at UFC 129.

Apparently, there was something wrong.

In a report by’s Gleidson Venga, Aldo was taking antibiotics during the week for a toe infection.

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was taking antibiotics for a toe infection just days before his April 30 title defense against Mark Hominick at UFC 129, Nova União leader Andre Pederneiras told on Tuesday.

“He suffered a cut on his toe [on April 23] and it got infected with bacteria,” said Pederneiras. “He went through heavy medical treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills from Sunday to Tuesday. He took the heavy dosage so that he wouldn’t have to take more drugs closer to the fight.”

Rumors that Aldo wasn’t feeling well began swirling during Friday’s “Super Seven” meeting in Toronto, when the Brazilian made an early exit from a Q&A session featuring all of the UFC’s current titlists.

Aldo actually looked strong early on as his striking was on point against Hominick and clearly he did a great deal of damage to Hominick’s face.

However, Aldo did stand more flat footed than he has in past fights, we eating punches he normally wouldn’t eat, and he had a terrible fifth round where he basically laid on his back and took a lot of punishment.

Perhaps Aldo didn’t have the energy to get off his back because of the infection and antibiotics, but he still did get a win and he still deserves to be one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

While the last round did raise questions about Aldo’s ability to fight off his back, if he wasn’t at 100 percent, that round may not be a good example.


Is Nick Diaz the man that can beat GSP?

nullIt didn’t take fans long after Georges St. Pierre beat Jake Shields at UFC 129 to start clamoring for St. Pierre’s next opponent.

Despite talk of a super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva, the fans are requesting a champion vs. champion showdown between St. Pierre and Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz.

Diaz’ hype man trainer, Cesar Gracie, had some very strong thoughts about the fight that he told MMAMainia.

“Nick is a superstar already. He is. Wherever we go with the guy, everybody, fan support, whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect his fighting style.”

“You got a guy like GSP and he’s fighting to just win and you’ve got a guy like Nick Diaz, who’s fighting to beat your ass. The fans, I think know the difference now and I think that’s why if you go to forums, if you wanted to talk about after this particular show, look at all the amazing things that happened: Randy Couture retiring, that’s huge. You had that great kick from Machida, you had so many things happen that were phenomenal but what most people were talking about is Nick Diaz and he didn’t even fight.”

“You want to talk about superstardom? Nick Diaz IS the superstar right now and he didn’t get there by playing any games. He’s not gonna play the game. He is who he is and I think people are finally getting sick and tired of the BS and the polished answers. These guys are great athletes but they’re not fighters and a guy like Nick captures the imagination of what MMA is truly about or was supposed to be about.”

Diaz has been impressive, but I think the level of competition for both fighters has been vastly different.

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Maybe this is why GSP couldn’t see

Well, I knew while I was watching Georges St. Pierre take on Jake Shields on Saturday night that St. Pierre’s eye issue didn’t come from a rabbit punch jab by Shields.

Here is clear video evidence of a pretty ugly eye poke during the fight.

Let me just state for the record that I don’t think this was intentional, but it was a pretty sloppy way of striking in a title fight at the UFC level. It almost looks as if Shields was trying to lay down an infamous Nick Diaz “Stockton slap.”

But, given the troubles Alan Belcher has had getting back into the octagon due to an eye injury, you hope that this won’t plague St. Pierre for a long time and he will be able to get back to training soon.


Despite poor showing, St. Pierre still one of the best in MMA

nullLet me start by once again stating that I am a Georges St. Pierre fan (pictured, AP Photo).

I know this article may come off as fandom, but I am merely sticking up for a great fighter.

While I will even admit that St. Pierre’s performance at UFC 129 was anything but impressive against Jake Shields, I don’t think that the long-reigning UFC Welterweight Champion deserves to be as criticized as he has been.

Finishing fights is a big aspect of MMA and a big part of the reason why fans love fighters like Anderson Silva. However, everyone has their flaws or even their bad fights.

I would compare GSP’s performance on Saturday night to the likes of Silva’s performances against Demian Maia or Thales Leites.

Clearly St. Pierre was the better fighter on Saturday, but he didn’t go for the kill when it was there. And after his eye was damaged, he balled up into somewhat of a shell.

But, I don’t think that his performance at UFC 129 was typical of his other performances.

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UFC 129 Recap: St. Pierre underwhelms in victory

AP ImageGeorges St. Pierre (AP Photograph) successfully defended his UFC Welterweight Championship once again on Saturday, beating Jake Shields by unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 129.

However, despite the win, St. Pierre was less than impressive in his victory.

St. Pierre managed to keep the fighting standing for 25 minutes, even avoiding takedowns while on one leg, but St. Pierre never had Shields in any real danger of finishing the fight.

GSP used his jab and overhand right hand to easily control the first two rounds and used a head kick in round three to drop Shields. Late in the third round, Shields bum rushed GSP for a takedown and got a finger in the eye of St. Pierre that caused him to have blurred vision. Shields then followed with a few jabs that made GSP’s vision event worse.

The concerns over his eye kept St. Pierre from really attacking over the last 10 minutes and two judges awarded Shields the final two rounds of the fight.

Nonetheless, it was a unanimous decision win for St. Pierre, who has defended his title six times successfully and improves to 22-2 in his career. The question now will be whether he will still fight at welterweight, or move up to middleweight.

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