How an MMA Fighter Should Eat


If you are a MMA than you should be focusing on a lot of protein. How can you get the protein you need at the best price and selection? Have you ever thought about hunting your own meat? You are already a fighter so why not hunt too? Did you know that hunting for your own meat can be more cost efficient than shopping at the grocery store? Not only is it cheaper to hunt meant versus shop for it but you can also get a better quality as well as knowing that your meat is fresh. There is nothing quite like a decent piece of meat that you can sink your teeth into. According to this article, cattle go through a lot of stress during the slaughtering process. The stress releases chemicals which end up in their bloodstream. Those chemicals than wind up in the meat which you eat. Wild meat such as deer meat is more natural, organic and tastier than meat from the grocery store. In another article, it explains that, on average, a buck will produce about fifty-three pounds of meat after processing. At about two dollars per pound you are saving $106 on your meat purchases.

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