Break out the Bengay: Old Fighters want to challenge Royce Gracie

nullThe rumors have been swirling in the MMA community that Royce Gracie will be taking part in the upcoming UFC 134 event that will be held in Brazil.

With the Hall of Famer gearing up for the bout, the question has been, who will be fighting Gracie?

Gracie hasn’t competed since June of 2007 and his most notable fight came in May of 2006 when he was dominated by Matt Hughes at UFC 60

If the UFC is really going to trot Gracie into the octagon in his home country, they need to give him an opponent he can beat.

Well, have no fear UFC, as plenty of elderly fighters seem to want that fight.

It started with Art Jimmerson tossing his name into the hat. You remember Art Jimmerson, he was the guy that fought Gracie at the first UFC with one boxing glove on. A game plan that sharp hasn’t been seen since. Gracie quickly submitted Jimmerson and began his Hall of Fame legacy.

Now, former UFC champion, Dan Severn, wants a piece of the action. Severn, who is now 52-years-old, has been competing regularly in smaller MMA shows. He is requesting a retirement match with Gracie at UFC 134.

Gracie submitted Severn at UFC 4 and the wrestler has been looking for a rematch ever since.

This situation has become a bit of a mess. I respect the UFC wanting to pay respect to Gracie, but he is simply not a fighter that is capable of fighting at a high level, and his opponent surely won’t be able to either.

A fight featuring Gracie can still draw as he is a legend with a fan base, but hopefully the UFC won’t be looking to make any more of these bouts any time soon.


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