5 June bouts to mark down on your calendar

nullThe month of June is stacked for MMA fans.

Over the next month, three UFC shows will take place, including one PPV. The second half of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix will be held as well, and Bellator will kick off its next season.

With that in mind, here are the top five bouts I am most looking forward to in June.

1. June 4 – Ultimate Fighter Finale – Anthony Pettis (13-1) vs. Clay Guida (28-11) – The main event of this Saturday’s Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Finale is the fight I’m most looking forward to. Anthony Pettis is set to make his UFC debut after ending the WEC as its lightweight champion with his “Showtime Pettis Kick” against Ben Henderson. His first challenge is a big one, as he takes on perennial UFC lightweight contender, Clay Guida. Both men possess great problems for the other as Pettis has the size and striking edge while Guida has the grappling edge. Both fighters will also leave everything in the cage, which should make for an exciting 15 minutes of action, if the fight goes that long.

2. June 18 – Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix – Alistair Overeem (34-11) vs. Fabricio Werdum (14-4-1) – Something has to give between the top two heavyweights in Strikeforce. It was odds to see them placed against one another in the first round of this Grand Prix, but as a fight fan, I won’t complain. Both men have been hyped up as top-of-the-line heavyweights in any organization, but someone has to live up to that hype, and someone’s hype will come crashing down. Overeem has been a bully in the cage as of late, just over-powering opponents with his striking while Werdum was the man to end Fedor’s long reign as king of MMA. Whose style will play out and allow them to advance in the grand prix?

3. June 11 – UFC 131 – Junior dos Santos (12-1) vs. Shane Carwin (12-1) – It’s not Brock Lesnar, but it may be even more entertaining as Junior dos Santos faces Shane Carwin in the main event of UFC 131. Both men are explosive strikers and I don’t expect either one to try and take this fight to the ground. If this battle lasts more than five minutes, I will be shocked. It will be a game of human chicken. Question is, which fighter will survive the crash?

4. June 26 – UFC on Versus 4 – Nate Marquardt (31-10-2) vs. Anthony Johnson (9-3) – Johnson has been long considered the biggest welterweight in the UFC, but that may change now that Marquardt is making the drop down to 170 pounds. Nate “The Great” will be a big force at welterweight if he can handle the weight cut. He has solid all-around skills and his strength should be greater than any of his opponents. Johnson is working his way up the contender list, but this will be the biggest challenge in his career.

5. June 26 – UFC on Versus 4 – Tyson Griffin (14-5) vs. Manny Gamburyan (11-5) – Griffin makes his debut at 145 pounds by facing Gamburyan, who is coming off a loss to featherweight champ, Jose Aldo. Griffin has a style that could be very challenging for Aldo, but he needs to show that he can find ways to win tough fights, and this will be a tough fight. Gamburyan needs to bounce back strong, but his style may play right into Griffin’s hands. The winner has to immediately by considered in the top 5 of the featherweight division.


2 responses to “5 June bouts to mark down on your calendar”

  • Jester of the Apocalypse says:

    Overeem HAS to have done some ‘roids in the last 5 years . . . he swelled up by about 70 pounds since fighting in Pride. Don’t believe me? Youtube “Overeem Liddell” and compare with photos of today!

  • Drew Ellis says:

    Yeah, he has clearly seen a boom in his size and shape, but there is nothing that can be done about it at this point. He kinds of reminds me of Miguel Cabrera (I am a Tigers fan). Check out his early MLB days compared to now.

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