Betting on UFC 181: Johny Hendricks v Robbie Lawler

Everyone who follows the UFC is excited about the second meeting between Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks, which will take place in December. However from a UFC betting perspective, this is actually a pretty hard one to call, as there are factors that render it unusual. For starters few are used to evaluating Lawler as a challenger, as he has been defeated once in the last 18 months, with his only loss coming when Hendricks took him down at UFC 171 in February 2013. His record stands at 24-10-0, but he will seriously have to be at the top of his game to defeat the Bigg Rigg.

Current Welterweight champion Hendricks is the bookies’ favourite at 1/3 ahead of the fight, while his challenger Weidman is a relative outsider in odds terms at 9/4. There is no doubt that Hendricks remarkable record plays a big role in determining this, but he has not had a fight since his last encounter with Lawler over 6 months ago. What this demonstrates is that gambling on sports is never all that straightforward, and relying on the odds is no guarantee of success, which is why some sports fans prefer just to play sporting themed online casino slot games.

These games let you mix classic casino gaming with betting on your favourite sports and, although we have yet to see a UFC-themed slot hit sites like, Knockout is a game fans of this sport should really enjoy. It is a boxing themed game that takes a retro approach in most respects, from the classic three-reel fruit machine format, to the graphics featuring a player with a mad 1970s purple afro. One part of the game which fits more with the modern approach of online and mobile casino gaming is the jackpot, a cool $12,000, and it the possibility of a payout on this level that has made these games so popular with gamblers in the internet era.


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